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Vilnius, Lithuania


The Need

some of the lowest rates of faith in the world can be found among the youth of the baltic nations. fifty years of unwanted occupation and domination by their neighbor to the east left a wake of hopelessness, substance abuse, record setting rates of HIV/AIDS and suicide, and very little exposure to religion of any kind.  faith in God was nearly erased.


The Solution

a church planting movement-church planting is the most effective and sustainable means of making new disciples, simple, strategic and passionate churches are multiplying rapidly all over the world.



Why Vilnius?

influence - Vilnius boasts the oldest and largest university in Lithuania, a key to the hearts of the next Generation. as this is the epicenter for the nation it is also a strategic place for the condensed population 


Why Us?

calling, experience, timing-our lives are totally committed to following Christ. We have prayed for many years, "God wherever you want us to go, we will go; whatever you want us to do we will do."


Our Dream

a movement-we envision a new church that creates life and joy in the midst of hopelessness, that reproduces itself by birthing reproducing, life-giving churches that engage with their communities and dream and achieve impossible dreams for God!



we know God will bring a team together to see this dream accomplished.

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